quick facts about me

I have always had a special relationship with animals. As a child I would bring home lost dogs and injured birds constantly. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that I found my first job at a veterinary clinic. While working there in high school, my love and appreciation for animals - and the people who helped them - grew into a passion.

Receiving my degree in Fine Arts Photography at Ohio University allowed me to start my own studio, Harmony Designs Photography, in 2004 in Nashville, TN. As a big believer in volunteer work, I have since partnered closely with Agape Animal Rescue for the past 13 years by offering several annual fundraising events to benefit the rescue: Luv My Dog Day, Emma's Senior Dog Project, Frosty Paws, and Country Chic Canines. In addition, I regularly photograph the rescued dogs who are up for adoption through Agape to help them find their forever homes more quickly.

Meet April

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and my favorites

my style

I love to capture each animal's personality in my images. I love seeing them be themselves and I want the session to be a fun, relaxing experience for everyone involved. Patience is key with rescue animals. They typically need a little time to get comfortable with me and the equipment. Once I win them over (usually with yummy treats) that is when we start getting great images!

of animal photography

my style

I have always loved art and animals! When I was a little kid I would make paintings and sell them (occasionally with guilt) to anyone who came to our home and then use the money to sponsor a whale to save. Art and animals have always been intertwined since I cut all of the animal photographs out of my parent's collection of National Geographic magazines. Photography allows me to blend my creativity and passion for saving animals.


why i became a

There is nothing prettier than fall in Tennessee...at least when we actually have fall and it isn't 95 degrees in October...but the years when it happens...the temperature drops and the mornings are chilly, but it warms up to brisk by mid-day...and the leaves are changing to vibrant orange, yellow, and red...and you start to hear crunching with every step...pulling on that warm sweater and cuddling up in the evening...Perfection!

is fall

my favorite season

Disney! I love going to Disney World with my husband. We try to go each year as our one get away from everything. When we are there it is so easy to let go and relax, to truly be a kid again. We ride every ride...even Dumbo and the Tea Cups :) There is magic at Disney and being there inspires my creativity so I come back refreshed! 

place to visit

my favorite

Not really things...but our horses!! I have dreamed of having a horse my entire life and now I have four!! I can still hardly believe I get to open the door to our farm house or look out a window and see our horses grazing in the fields. They are such amazing creatures and working with them daily is a dream come true!

new things

my Favorite

All my doggie family members have come from Agape. Indigo "Indy" (Boxer/Mountain dog mix) was my first foster "fail" who was soon followed by Truffle (French Bulldog and puppy mill rescue), and lastly, Rumor (Basenji mix) to become members of the family. My dachshunds, Pixel and Fable, have become little "studio assistants" and inspired the logo for Harmony Designs Photography. They both melted my heart during their puppy photo shoots my studio. Adopted kitty sister, Thistle, even volunteers her time socializing with the adoptable puppies.


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